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1. Email is no longer relevant Social media marketing platforms shouldn’t outreach the other methods. Email marketing is an important part of social media marketing methods. Email marketing is very convenient and faster. It is valuable for any business to promote brand awareness. It also helps to reach out the customers providing their offers and services via emails.

2. All materials represent leadership In social media marketing, the customer is the god. Our quality of work is based on cliental requirements and our skills. The best content brings the audience to be authoritative. Social media platforms give the liberty to the users to create the brand loyalty and gain the business.

3. Content marketing and social media marketing are two different domains.Social media marketing gives huge platforms to put forth your content. These two domains are interconnected. Any marketing strategy is incomplete without a efficient and informative content helping the business and brand. If one does not work comprehensively, the other gets affected.


1. Majority of viewers do not like pop - up ads Many viewers dislike the advertisements getting popped up. They always find it bothersome and want to focus on other things. This leads to business handlers and brands to eradicate pop ads and use other methods to promote their products or services as to increase recognition.

2. Almost all online engagements start with search engine optimization It is certainly true that search engine optimization is the key factor to serve the ranking of any brand or business website. It helps to increase your ranking, credibility, brand awareness and make more visible to the viewer. Making your business or brand’s ranking high with the help of SEO is the most effective and efficient way of marketing modes.

3. Social media is one of popular consumer platform. Since everything is out there and digital, social media platforms plays a vital role in media marketing. It provides wide range of platforms to showcase and promote your brand and business-like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more. It becomes easier and more relatable so as to connect and gain customers making it authentic and catchy. It gives wider audience, wider opportunities, wider perspective and wider learning.

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